Baoji Seabird Metal Material Co., Ltd is located in the world-renowned "titanium city" -- Baoji city, Shaanxi province,China. The office address is located in 17th F, Block B, ChuangYi Building, High-tech Zone,Baoji City. The production base covers a total area of 33,000㎡in Qianyang Town, with a production area of 10,000㎡and an office area of 5,000㎡.There are more than 10 professional engineers , forming a team proficient in the research, development and processing of non-ferrous metal materials.
Seabird is Chinese market and technology leader in Nitinol. We provide Nitinol melting, complex components and materials, a complete range of Nitinol fabrication, and engineer-to-engineer support in both prototyping and production phases.Seabird sincerely serves more and more customers all over the world with a rich 18 year experience.

Our History
Company Milestones
1. ) 2001- Established,completely install the production line for rod&wire,sheet&strip .
2. ) 2004- Approved by Rosh Test
3. ) 2010- Registered Trademark -- Seabird
4. ) 2011- Got a patent for cold-rolled glasses sheetAlso a patent For high temperature shape memory alloy wire
5. ) 2016- Developed nickel-titanium-copper products
6. ) 2018- Developed Nitinol Heat Shrinkage Wire
7. ) 2018- Moved factory from Baoji to Qianyang Town, founded BAOJI SUNRISE RARE METAL CO.,LTD
8. ) 2019-Developed 7-Strands Nitinol WireSeabird will continues to grow because of our mission is to continually improve the quality of our products, the speed with which we respond to customers ` requests.

Our Factory
The factory located in industry zone in Qianyang Town, Baoji City,Shaanxi,China with a production area of 10,000㎡and an office area of 5,000㎡.
It has five departments,production department,quality inspection department, technical department, finance department and marketing department. There are 6 production workshops with a total of more than 100 workers. 80% of the them have more than 10 years of work experience.
It has more than 10 professional engineers with 25 years researching and producing experience , forming a team proficient in the research, development and processing of non-ferrous metal materials.

Our Product
Seabird has two production line: Nitinol and Refractory metal.
1) Nitinol main products: nitinol bar&wire,nitinol sheet&strip,nitinol tube&pipe ,nitinol customized products ,etc.
2) Refractory metal main products: tungsten tube&pipe, tungsten bar&rod,tungsten sheet&foil,molybdenum tube&pipe, molybdenum bar&rod,molybdenum sheet&foil ,etc.

Product Application
Products are widely used in medical device,auto industry, fishing, aerospace, navigation, metallurgy, chemicals, petroleum, electronics, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, polymer modified materials, liquid crystals and so on

Our Certificate
1) cold-rolled glasses sheet patent
2) high temperature shape memory alloy wire patent
3) ISO 9001 certificate
4) Rosh test reports

Production Equipment
Seabird has two production departments of nitinol and refractory metal.
1). Nitinol Division.
① Vacuum Medium-frequency Induction Furnace;ULVAR
② Two-roller Hot Rolling Machine& Four-roller Cold Rolling Machine
③ Six-roller precision cold rolling mill
④Plate Leveling machine
⑤Cutting Machine, cylindrical Grinder,Resistance Furnace
⑥Vacuum Annealing Furnace
⑦Drawing Machine
⑧Centerless Grinding Machine,Polishing Machine,Straightening Machine,Linear Cutting Machine, etc.
2) Refractory Metal Division
①Pressure Testing Machine
②Hydrogen Dewaxing Furnace
③High Temperature Vertical Melting Furnace, etc.

Production Market
Seabird has 10-year exporting experience.The products is popular in international and domestic markets and gained unanimous praise from customers. Such as, USA,Germany,Canada,Israel,Italy,Korea,Singapore,etc.

Operating Principles
1)Customers are the focus for everything we do.
The commitments we make to them must be met. This includes both the quality of our products and the deliveries that we promise.
2)Continual improvement in processes and products is essential to our success.
We must continuously strive to improve everything we do: our products, the way our products are manufactured, the way we work together toward our goals, the efficiencies of our operations, and our profitability.
3)Integrity cannot be compromised.
The conduct of our company must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity. Our relationships with our customers and especially ourselves must be based on honesty and mutual respect.